Choose response problem

Vincenzo Bovino 3 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 6

At the end of my story the bot show "Choose Response"  with "User choice" A and B but I haven't configured any choose message, the last message is a simple message.

How could I solve?


You should then delete these user choice links and add just a message node.

but currently the final message Is already just a message, not a user choice.

Infact i see the user choice only on Facebook, not in the simulator

I've checked and looks like the user choices are present in the second episode of your bot which is published as well. So, upon completing the first episode, the second one starts where there are two user choice buttons. Go ahead and unpublish your second episode until actual content is added in here.


Thank you, solved!!!!

And if I want to send broadcast messages, I just have to insert standard messages in the broadcast node, right? 

You can create a different episode for broadcast. Add messages following the broadcast node.