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adez3d@gmail.com 3 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 5

Hi, I've been testing my bot for a while.

and the user have a tendence to "type" instead of using button that I provided. 

It's like 90% of them. 

And everytime they type something, the bot is always stop functioning, although I already set a "Global NLP" and the fallback answer for that. 

This is a user always type:


how are you

good morning

(you know typical chatbot question)

I set answer for it in Global NLP, but still the bot stop working

Is there any way to make sure that if a user type something then the bot will reply appropriately?

Under review

You can use the regular NLP node feature which fits in your case.


Let me know if you need any help or have questions.

Hi Praveen, thanks for the answer. However. I'm afraid this is not answered the question.

of course, I already read all documentation. but still couldn't find relation between regular NLP nodes and the free flow conversation that the user tend to use.

It's seems the bot wouldn't be able to jump "out of conversation" in certain "story"

If I provide several buttons, but the user just type in anything outside of the choice, then the bot stop working. I can't just manually instructed user to manually type "/restart" everytime this happened

How can the bot "jump" from a story into Global NLP or regular NLP Node? 

Yes, for this you will need Global NLP, but there seems to be an issue with this feature. We are looking into this to fix the issue with Global NLP.

thanks for the reply.

Is there any estimation for how long this issue will be fixed ?



Not in sometime though. Will keep you posted once it's available.