filter users to send broadcast to with variables

Botmaster 3 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 5

I'd like to be able to filter the users that I send a broadcast to based on variables BEFORE the broadcast episode is activated so that I don't interrupt the episode other users are active in.

Right now, if I use an if/then node to filter by variable, I'd have to send other users that do not match the value back to their last episode, but I can't send them back to where they were within that episode.

So with every broadcast, I will lose the progress users have made within their last episodes, even when I don't actually want to target these users.


Correct, using IF/ELSE node and filter users with variables will work. What exactly is your use case?

My use case is: I only want to re-engage some users, but other users should not lose the progress in episodes that they are currently working on (but have been inactive in).

E.g. user A is working on episode 1 but is taking a break for 4 hours

user B has completed episode 1 and has been inactive for 4 hours

-> I'd like to re-egage user B, but not user A.

If I trigger the re-engage node for all users, user A will need to start over again in episode 1.

It isn';t possible to re-engage specific users who are inactive in specific episodes. The re-engagement will not differentiate users based on their state in the chat.

Indeed, would love to see this added though!

Will update once we add this.