set variables for individual users manually

Botmaster 3 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 5

would be great to be able to set variables for users manually from outside the chatbot - e.g. when troubleshooting any errors



What exactly is your use case in the bot?

For example:

If a user gets in touch with the operator, then the operator could alter variables that were set for this specific user in error.

So say user A paid for premium services in the bot, but somehow didn't get these, the operator could then update the variable that stores if the user has made a purchase - and trigger the right episode. 


What you could do is:

1) Add another variable node with the altered variables in it

2) To  trigger any specific episode for this user, add a GoTo Episode node in this specific path.

I see, this could work, thank you! / But would love to see an easier solution for it!

I'm afraid this is the available option for now. Will update if we add any easier option in future.