re-engage node options: user's time zone, episodes, variables

Botmaster 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Basically, I need a solution for this: I want to send my user updates every two days, however, the users should be able to select other episodes from the drop-down menu or global NLP in the mean time without interrupting the countdown.

So I'm missing a few options here: users' time zone, being able to use variables in the schedule time field, being able to count the time that has passed since the last activity in a specific episode ...

Also, will the user be interrupted by a broadcast if he is already active in another episode? If so, I'd like to have the option to delay the broadcast until the user is inactive for a specified time.


I suppose the Re-engagement feature in Start node have these paramaters - last time user sent message, specific date/time. 

Well, I'm afraid not.
I would like to re-engage at a specific time, but in the time zone of that user. (I don't want to wake people up at night)
I would also like the user to specify the time and frequency of re-engagement (that's why I'd like to specify the trigger time for the re-engagement node with a variable).

And if I do that, won't it interrupt users that are currently using the bot?

E.g. I want to re-engage users at 5 pm in their time zone if they have been inactive for at least 12 hours. But I do not want to re-engage users that are currently active or that have been active recently. I'd also like users to pick at what time and what days they would like to receive the re-engagement reminder.