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count subscribers

Виленский Александр Юрьевич 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

could you help me to know how I can count (and see myself) the number of my bot subscribers (bot is in telegram)
should I use some mechanics of telegram, can I do it on sequel?

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At onsequel.com, you can click on "Reports" option of your bot to find more statistics on users.

I checked it, but.. is shows nothing
I am the only user of my bot, that is published on Telegram
But the statistics shows nothing (as I get it, it must have shown 1 or even 2, I used 2 accounts)
Is it right? 

Could you please point me to your bot link at onsequel.com?

the name of my bot is @HPWorld_bot
https://www.onsequel.com/channels/26090/analytics this is the analytics page of the bot
it seems the number inside the link may help, is it right? 
'cause I can't find the link to the bot itself (on onsequel), only in telegram