Previewing bot on Facebook Messenger stops working a few nodes in

Brian.Robertson@buzztime.com 3 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 4

My bot runs fine if I am simulating it in your program, but whenever I try to preview it through Facebook Messenger either on my phone, or through Messenger on the Facebook web page, it stops a portion of the way through Episode 1 - it stops between the 9th and 10th nodes in my story

My use case:

I set a variable on an input node - 9th node:

What... is your favorite color?


The user types in their favorite color (i.e.: Blue)

It is supposed to display this next, but it doesn't - it just stops:

Message Node - 10th node:

{Color}, really? I would have thought mauve, periwinkle, or even malachite... but {Color} - to each their own.

After the user has entered in their answer, nothing happens. The bot hangs. It doesn't say that the story ended, it just doesn't go to the 10th node.

Is there some sort of limitation when previewing it via phone or messenger (web)?

Can I not have a variable being called as the first line of text?

Is there something else that I am missing?



Could you please point me to your bot link at onsequel.com and I'll be able to debug this further?

So I was testing this out, and once I removed the polling node that was coming up after my input and message node, the preview worked fine to Facebook.

Input Node 'asking color' > Message Node 'acknowledging color' > Polling node

It broke between the input and message nodes, but once I removed the polling node, it worked fine.

I am unsure if it is an issue with displaying the images to Facebook messenger or something else (I didn't try it with another service).

So it looks like I fixed my issue - or at least have a work-around - now it looks like a particular node type (polling) that isn't working for me - I'll continue to play with my simulation to see if I can narrow it down.

I'm sorry, this is not the correct link. Go to onsequel.com and in your bot, choose the first episode and send the URL of this episode.