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return from an episode

Andrew Shapton 3 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 10

I have a main episode and 4 "sub-episodes" - once I go to a sub episode, I'd like to return to the main episode where I left off to continue and do more interaction - this seems not possible..... or am i reading stuff wrong

the goto episode is like a 1970's goto - what I need is a 1970's gosub (anyone remember them ???)


Under review

Hi Andrew,

Have you used the GoTo Episode at the end in your sub episode pointing to the main episode? Point me to your bot link at onsequel.com and I'll be able to look into it if it's set up correctly.

I would like the "return" to be at the end of each of the Beaver, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers episode to go back to "Michael" and continue for more functionality



I've gone ahead and added the GoTo Episode nodes in each of the sub-episodes pointing back to the Main episode "Michael". So, at the end of each sub-episode, user will be taken back to the Main episode. I think you will need to add the GoTo episode only at one path at the end of each sub-episode. If not, right now user will not move to the 3rd episode.

I've re-corrected them now. The GoTo episode node has been added only at one path of each sub-episodes at the end. Check them and let me know if this is what you are looking for.

thing is, that will go back to the start of Michael - what I want is to go to a node (which I cant add) "below" a sub-episode..... i.e. to carry on where we left off - not at the beginning of an episode....


You won't be able to add the GoTo Episode pointing to a specific node in the Main episode.

So I cant really build a proper modular bot with a particular series of steps that can be called from a number of different other steps in a bot ? So i need to replicate a load of identical nodes each time I wish to execute them ? That seems a critical omission in an otherwise pretty good bot creator . Happy to discuss

I suppose you may set a variable, and check it when a user comes back from sub-episodes
you provide this var in the end of sub-ep, before you send user back to 1st ep
then you check it in the first ep before the interaction, and in case there is no var, it goes by the old route, when there is, it goes to the certain place via goto

I'm sorry Andrew, this specific case isn't available in Sequel. How about using Re-engagement node type?


Using this feature in one of the sub-episode, user will be taken to this episode based on the specific date/time set here. Then, they will be taken back to the previous state. Hope this helps.