12/15 New Episodes published to Author's test app this morning!

Michael 7 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 7 years ago 2

Yay! We published a slew of new Episodes to the Author's Test app this morning. (There were so many, I think I might have broken the app for a bit there. :-P )

Please take a look see. Let me know directly if you're encountering any technical issues.

Please post your comments!

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Saw mine up there and it was great to see how it would really unfold. Rethinking some larger time break chunks. Wondering how people will react to a five hour break, but want it to seem like everyone when to bed for the evening...

I'm seeing various Writers using all manner of "overnight" delays from 6-14 hours. I think it will depend on how much content you have, and how that content is "pulsed out" during the "day." e.g.: If you have lots of dialogue separated by 1-3 hour delays "throughout the day" then a 8-10 hour "overnight" delay might make sense.

We will start getting actual reader feedback soon, and that will help give us all better data. :-)