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unlink my fb page please :|

haidar-muhannad 4 years ago updated by Kathleen 3 years ago 13

thats really not good

the fb page messenger must every hour unlink and link again to work and stop after 1 hour and must unlink it and link it again and again and never solved,, i'm trying create a new page for the bot and see where is the problem, please just unlink it...



We've debugged the issue and fixed it. I've unlinked your FB page from the bot. You will now need to re-publish the bot again. The bot will not stop responding now.

thank u very very much i really appreciate that, i like your site and the bots, i hope it's not stop again ..

thank u again

Not a problem. Have you published your bot again?

yes i've published it and it's work ^_^

if i edit it dose it stop or no ? cuz i have to edit it

Not to worry, the bot will not stop responding from now. The issue has been fixed. You can edit your bot and update.

god safe u ^_^ thanks a lot, i hope all the best for u

Thanks Haidar! Much appreciated!

Dear Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin)

i cannot publish Nongshim Mongolia 3 chatbot on Nongshim Mongolia page.

please un-link previous chatbot ( i unpublished, end deleted previous bot)

Under review

Could you please give me the Page ID of FB Page Nongshim Mongolia?

PAGE ID 1666969400216945

It's done. You can now link your bot to FB page Nongshim Mongolia.

and how many ages do I have to wait until you UNLINK mine? I sent tickets and everything. I DO NOT WANT TO USE YOUR CHATBOT anymore. Stop forcing this down my throat. Please unlink my page ASAP