DO NOT unpublish your bot once it's published

Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 18

Hi All,

Once you've published your bot on any platform, DO NOT unpublish the bot if you are experiencing any issue.

Please email at help@onsequel.com or message me here in Forums if you are facing any issue i the chat after a bot is published.

DO NOT unpublish your bot in such cases.



May i know why?

I tried it to my page and now i unpublish it since i don`t use it yet..may i know why?


If a bot is published and if there is any issue playing the bot, we suggest to not unpublish instead email us to debug the issue and fix it.

If you do not wish to republish, then it's fine. 

Is there a subscription fee for an upgraded package here?


Our platform is totally free and you can create as many bots you wish to.


I would like to know about my bot is working or not :'(
I get okay on simulator and not working on facebook side :( Bot is offline or something wrong ?

BotId: 30460

Please provide any other addition information:


I have unpulibshed the bot after it was already published, i did it because the /restart function was not working.


I send a stop to see how it Works, but then i could’t get the bot working again with “/Start”  “/Restart Bot” or “/restart” they just didn’t work. So i tough to remove the page and then add it again, but now i can’t add it back.


Coud you check it? And also check the function related to restart?



My page: https://www.facebook.com/PokemonRaroSite/


If you've unpublished a bot and try to republish again, it will not work. You will need to email us at help@onsequel.com to get this fixed.

My issues was fixed, thanks for the fast support guys!

But how i said before, and the mohit above, fix the /restart /start /stop bot functions, they are the most important function of the bot, if the users get stuck there nothing that we can do about it. 

and also, if its possible, add a function to translate the content made by bot to your to-do list, like "BOT IS BUSSY, WAITING X SECONDS" some users from my country don't rly understand english, so it would be cool to have that. 

If there  also a model of payment to remove the adversit that its on bot, let me know

Thanks for everything again.

We are looking into the start, stop, restart command issues you've reported. The "Bot is busy....." message sent is standard across all the bots and can't be changed for specific bots as such.

Is the restart command still not working in Telegram?

Awesome! The group functionalities isn't implemented in Telegram yet.

Will update here once the group functionality is implemented in Telegram from our end.

chat bot didn't start in second time visit the page and start message the chatbo?

Point me to your bot link at onsequel.com and we'll look into it further.

Help please and explain what I'm doing wrong, does not want to be published in Viber Screen