External Link Doesnt Showed on My Bot

Comm Team 7 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 7

Hello There, first time on trying bots here.. i've recently built a bot which generate external link (gdrive to be exact) and when i tested it, the link doesnt showed as per example on embedly.. it just start to write something and the stop.. nothing.. can anyone help?


Could you please point me to your bot link at onsequel.com?

sure things

here is the link for my bot


there are 2 story one is Main Menu (embed google form link : did not show when tested on telegram)

the other is Movie (embed Gdrive link for 2 movie : all the movie doesnt show in telegram)

when i tested pic it showed So im guessing there is something wrong with embedly

thank you very much

How did you add the videos? Did you choose "add external url" and put in the URL?

1. Add Message Node

2. Klik on External URL option and paste my g drive url and klik add..

3. The embed pic is showing (embedly).. but when i test on telegram the bot seems to type the link.. but then it just stop and do not send anything

Thanks for the explanation.

Looks like the google form doc link isn't supported on Telegram. For now, you can just paste the URL in node message. Clicking on this will open the Google form doc.

how about the movie link? because i once see my friend created a bot using onsequel and he shared link on his google drive and the embed picture appeared, why does mine doesnt work?

thanks btw for your reply


Bad News.. i do what you ask.. (create Comment Node) and just pasted the link.. but it cannot showed when i publish it.. just like the first time when i use the "add link" button... help please...