API not working in Telegram

ON 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 4 years ago 6

I have an API Node which gets the url of a GIF-image. After that, there is a message Node which sends the GIF (via the link-feature) to the user. In the Simulator everything is working fine, but in the Telegram-Preview and in the pubished Telegram Bot the image isn't send.

My Episode: https://www.onsequel.com/channels/16765/episodes/28470/trees/28463#

(I mean the API under the button "Trending GIFs". The API under the button "Random GIF" is working fine...)

Thank you for your help!

Any updates on this topic?

Under review

Is this the Store object response of API node you are referring to?


It's done. Sorry for the delay.

In the API json response, there is an array of json values. You've used the store response object as--> $.data.{num}.images.downsized_large.url

This is incorrect.

Correct store object --> $.data[0].images.downsized_large.url

[0] is the 0th element in the json array

downsized_large.url is the image you want to show (similarly this will change if you want a different image to be shown)

Thank you! It's working now!