Cannot choose any other response format than 'String' in API node

Manuel_K 3 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 9

Just why?


Hi Manuel,

Could you please point me to your API in the bot with the issue?

I checked the API - https://cargo.kunst-konzepte.com/. Also, upon testing it's returning null. Could you please check the API from your end and let me know if it's fine?

try again, should return 'ok' now, connection is well established

Yup, it's fine now. BTW, what data are you looking to retrieve and store? If you could explain me the use case, I'll be able to dig into and get it working.

OK sounds great! On my server I'm trying to retrieve speech data from my bot via API.

Okay, will debug further and update you. Thanks!

When i try to process the audio after sending it from Telegram bot through my API i only get a string saying ''KIWIunparsedMESSAGE''. Could this be an issue with the @onsequelbot ? Do i have to publish my bot first to get this working?

Could you please publish your bot and check? It should work fine.