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How to make a button next to each other?

amalhg 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 4 years ago 20

No, when you create the Buttons, each button is in place, you can put 2 buttons(2 versions) in one line?

You can arrange the buttons so?

The two user decision buttons are horizontally placed next to each other. Could you please elaborate on the issue you are facing?

In the bot, click on the "Add a user choice" and two buttons will be added.

Once two buttons are added, click on "Add an additional player decision" to add one more. Now, click on this option again to add one more and so on...

They are in place, how to place them horizontally? In the same line should be 2 buttons, can something like this be done?

Once you create such buttons in your bot, Preview it on Kik platform and they will appear as per your screenshot.

Got it. The horizontal placement of buttons can be seen on FB Messenger. On Kik, it's vertical.

It is possible to do so?

Yes, it's possible on Telegram. However, not possible in other platforms per their design and implementation.

Can you help me? How to do it in a Telegram?

I'm sorry, just checked with Telegram implementation and even there it's vertical placement.

That is impossible in any way?

I'm sorry, not possible in any of these platforms per their restriction.

How do you get a vertical alignment of the user choice options to appear vertical in Facebook Messenger!

I'm afraid, user choices in FB messenger will be seen only horizontally.