Where can I change the following message?

Lars Kwiatkowski 7 years ago updated by Gabriel Versuti 5 years ago 16

I have setup a nice little bot, at the end there are 2 user decisions. If the user writes a message instead clicking one of the user decisions a message pops up:

>> Sorry, we didn't understand that message. Tap a choice to move forward or pick one of these help options: <<

Can I change this somewhere? Because, the problem is, when I use user decisions, I cant add an optional no-match-route on this path.
How to fix that?

Thank you!

Under review

Hi Lars,

Thank you for choosing Sequel!

At user decision point, if user writes a message which doesn't match the user decision text, then we send the message "Sorry, we didn't understand......". This message is generic across all bots in such cases and can't be changed for specific bots.

To counter this, instead user decision buttons, you can use NLP node which will serve your use case where user's need to write a message at this NLP node point. You can create multiple NLP node paths with different set of keywords in these nodes. Also, a no match route will be added here for cases where user's message do not match with any keywords.

Here is the FAQ article on NLP which will help you understand the flow. Let me know if you have questions or need further help.


Thanks for your reply, but this is really not helpful. Because I NEED "player decision" at this point of the bot, but also the option for a fallback, if the user ignores the buttons and writes something. This is a common case, that users don´t follow the predesigned path and you need the option. Why it is not possible to setup "player decision" buttons PLUS a no match route. or is there another way to hack that?

you must find a way, because that doesn´t make any sense at all. I can change the NLP node to a user decision node, but if I do this, the no-match route will be deleted. Why? a generic default answer is a no go, because making bots in different languages is not possible in a comfortable way.

Hi Lars,

You can use the fallback button feature in your case. Please do look into this guide and let me know if it helps.


No, that doesn´t work, because the no-match route will be deleted then by Sequel.

Maybe I know your software better than you - strange ...
I need user decision buttons + a no match route (or an editable fallback message) for the common case, that a user doesn´t click the buttons and writes instead. Do you understand this problem? You always try to show me other options, but that doesn´t work. I am asking for a basic feature. It is pretty standard in almost every bot out there.

Sorry about that Lars.

I'm afraid we do not have this specific feature with User decisions and no match route.

thats funny, because this is no specific feature, this is basic stuff. People tend to don´t follow the predesigned path, for that case, we need an editable option. In our language. This is the most basic feature of a bot, not specific ... and theoretical you have this case already. it is called "no-match route". Why it is not possible to add this to the user decision option?

Another question, which could be a solution. Is there a way to route to a specific point in the bot instead the generic answer?

Yes, you can route to a specific point in a bot. From one node instance to another via GoTo Node.


is this a strategy to not answer my question reasonable? Ok, I try to explain it again:
I asked for the case that the user at a "player decision" point doesn´t press the buttons, but writes a message. Instead your generic message, we need a custom option. If it is not possible to place our own message, is there a way to route to another point in the bot. Same problem since my first question.
Is that to hard to understand? A question: how much would it cost to offer me this option.

I misunderstood your previous query as a new question which was related to GoTo Node. Anyways, regarding this option you are referring to, currently there isn't any other alternative other than showing the standard message. I'll however check with our product team here about this option and revert back to you at the earliest.

ok, thanks. Sent you a ticket. please read it soon. maybe for cash this gets faster?

I'd also be interested in this feature. And I agree it's a common scenario that users don't follow the predesigned path and will input whatever they think of (maybe even for fun or to test how the bot reacts - I do that :). So I'd also like to see whether it's possible to add this feature somehow, for me this seems to be the only show-stopper before publishing my bot and I'd really like to see how we can get this feature - also happy to throw in some money if need be.


I'm afraid this standard message can't be changed for specific bots. Alternatively, you can use the NLP node feature which has the no match route and user need to type a message instead using user choices.

Is there any changes in this issue?
It's very important basic feature for bot making



Oleg - These standard messages are across all the bots and can't be changed. Sorry about that.