Bot doesnt work after updating :(

Douillet Shai 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 19

I updated my bot and after restarted it it doesnt work anymore

here is the link https://m.me/BijouteriePerlhor


Could you please let me know what exactly did you do while updating the bot?

- Was the bot responding prior to update?

- Did you just make some changes in the bot and re-published?

- Did you by unpublish and republish the bot?

I added some new reply on the bot such as the adresse and go back to menu button. No I did not unpublish and republish

Ok Thanks!

Could you please add "kiwi.sequel" as admin to your FB page? I'll need to debug further and fix this issue.

Did you receive it ?

I've received it. Will be fixing it.

I've gone ahead and unlinked the FB Page from your bot. You will now need to go to your bot at onsequel.com and publish the bot. Select the FB Page in the list and update. Let me know if you face any issue.

they dont le me click on the facebook page I want to publish...

Don't you see the FB page in the list? Or is it grayed out? Could you send me a screenshot of what you see in the list of FB Pages?


It looks like you've unpublished your bot. You can go ahead and publish the bot and while doing so, choose the FB page in the list.

It is grayed out ...

What I have to do please ??

Could you please provide me with the FB Page ID which is grayed out? This FB Page ID can be found in the About section of the FB Page.

Is this the bot you are trying to publish? Was this bot published to the FB Page earlier? And did you unpublish it?


It's fixed now. You can go ahead and publish this bot and choose the FB Page in the list.