Get users data via email

Andrew 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 9

My bot have to collect some data from my users and send it to my email.

I've added a variable, for example "name" and I need this variable delivered to my email. How I can do it?


Hi Andrew,

I'm afraid this feature where the variable be delivered to an email isn't available at onsequel.com. Will keep you posted if we have this feature implemented in future.

Hi Praveen,

How can I see the user data already collected by my bot as a variables?


Hi Artem,

Once you've collected user's data via variables, use them in the message node to display.

Dear Praveen,

Thank you for quick reply!
As I understood, that way you suggest is useful for DISPLAYING the collected data to the user itself, but how can I, AS ADMIN, see the user's data collected by a bot?
Let me be frank - I want make bot to question user some step by step questions, collecting the answers data to table/list to get it later as a form accessible by bot's admin.

And again thank you for such both simple and great bot's development platform and really good support!

Well, in this case, you should probably use some kind of API where the user's data can be stored.

How can I do that with your wonderful Onsequel platform?


You should have an API to use this. Check this guide on how to use an API.


Oh, great!
Thanks Praveen, that is what I was looking for!