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Bot in Viber doesn`t update

Nikki Vidal 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 4 years ago 21

Hello everyone! When I was update my bot on viber, nothing happened on the viber app on phone. It doesn`t updates. I started bot at phone app but it worked the same way as before the update a long time. Its a bug or viber servers need time to update?

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Hi Nikki,

You will need to hit this URL on a browser in your device which will redirect to Viber. You should then send a message for the bot to start. Also, whenever you make changes to your bot, type /restart in the chat on Viber for the changes to reflect.


Thank you! it hepls me. You build a great service ;)

Hm, doesn't work for me either. Especially when you hit the button 'open in viber' it gives you a wrong link with double 'https' in it …

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Could you please send me over the link you see when clicked on "Open in Viber"?

Could you please point me to this bot at onsequel.com?

The bot is not published. Are you trying to Preview this bot on Viber?

The Viber bot on Preview is working fine. The name of the bot for preview on Viber is "SequelPreviewViber".

Thanks Praveen that you take care of the problem. You are right, the preview bot 'SequelPreviewViber' is working fine. But I somehow cannot send my bot to viber for preview, the connection between my bot and the viber preview does not seem to work. I got the ID, entered it into the preview window, sent my bot to viber, but nothing appears on 'SequelPreviewViber'.

Are you in the chat section of SequelPreviewViber on Viber?

Could you please send a screenshot of the SequelPreviewViber chat section after you've entered the ID?

Yes I am in the chat section of SequelPreviewViber on Viber (on Mac and iPhone), only on iOS the name of the contact is not 'SequelPreviewViber'.

Did you enter the code in the Preview section? Entering the code will start the Preview.

Yes I did, severel times now, still not working, it says 'Success …' but my bot does not appear on SequelPreviewViber.

Can I change menu buttons design? Because I saw another bots with different buttons design.

What buttons design are you referring to? Could you please share more details?

Are you referring to Carousel node?

I'm afraid this hasn't been implemented yet at Sequel. Will update you once it's Live.