How do I trigger a message on a specific user time ?

Herzucco 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 4 years ago 3

Hi everyone!

I'd like to work on a bot using Sequel, because it seems to be a very good way to quickly build a FB bot.
But there are some things I'd like to do and I don't know how it's possible :
- Is it possible, in some ways, to send a message on a specific user time ? Like I'd say "next node at 6PM" and it would send the next message at 6PM.
- The Timer node seems very useful, but it sends a default message like [ "Bot is busy. Check back in 1 minute ...]. Is it possible not to have this message and instead get nothing ? Or at least being able to change the message ?

Thank you!


Ans 1 - Sending a message on a specific user time is possible via Re-engagement node type. Create a new episode and set the Start node as re-engagement and choose a specific date and time for this to repeat (edited)

Ans 2 - I'm afraid the timer message can't be changed. This is generic to all user's and not possible to edit this message for specific users.

Hope this has answered your queries. Do let me know if you need any clarifications or help in creating your bot.

Hi, thank you for your answer!

Ans 1: I finally managed to do that! But I needed my episodes to appear only once, so I needed to create a variable for each episode, and update it, to keep track of what episode have already been played by the player (my bot is a game) etc...
Is there any way to set the re-engagement node to appear only once ?

Ans 2: I wanted to have some short delays in my Interactive Fiction, so I set several delays, like "30 minutes" or "2 hours". It would be really cool to be able to change the delay message, but I decided to use them anyway. But I don't know why, a lot my test-users are experiencing this issue : When they get waiting delay, like 2 hours for exemple, and they try to talk to the bot (which should answer them "Bot is busy come back in xxx hours", the bot responded "Sorry Sorry, we didn't understand that message. Tap a choice to move forward or pick one of these help options:" with to options "Stop Bot" and "Continue Bot". And when they chose continue, the bot answered to them two very strange choices : "[{"variable":139..." and an other one of this kind. Choosing one them made the user trigger an episode with a Re-Engagement node, set at 8AM :confused:
I completely don't understand this error, and I'd like to be able to fix it.
On the same subject, I realized that often, the delay never managed to end, even if the time set was already passed. Some of my users received 5 or 6 hours delays at 9 but at 18, the bot was still silenced. Just like before, it would be very cool if there is way to handle such cases :open_mouth:

I have another question, if I may :
I saw on some images in the FAQ that it was possible to set delays on each message of a message node, and by doing so, create variations on the writing rate of the bot. I never figured out how to find this option, and wondered if it was available feature ?

Thanks again for your support, have a nice day!

I've answered your questions via Slack.