cannot disconnect bot from Facebook page

Ilan 4 years ago updated by OFFERTA IN 2 years ago 2

I'm trying to disconnect one bot from my facebook page in order to activate a different bot.

I just can't do it, neither in sequel nor on Facebook.


Hi there,

Once you've linked a FB page to a bot, it can't be unlinked. You will need to create a new FB page and link it to a new bot.


Hi !   I deleted the bot connected to my page because i wanted to connect the page to another bot ( i cannot copy whole story from a bot to another).
Now i cannot connect any other bot to the previous page. (tere are no bots connected to that page).

Now i cannot resume the deleted bot (was previously connected to the page)

I cannot create a new page because the main page has 15k likes and it is the main page of my service.

HOW can i connect a new bot to my page?