Image editing programs?

Richard Goodness 8 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 4

Back In The Day when I had a Windows machine, I used paint.net to get all of my image editing needs fulfilled. Now that I only have a Mac, I'm completely ignorant about what kinds of free photoshop knockoffs for Mac are any good. Anyone have any ideas? What I need to do is so simple: I have a picture of a door and a picture of something that i want to be behind the door, and I want to cut out the door and slap it over the other image. Like I said, simple. ANyone have a suggestion?

I've got a photoshop license now, but Pixlr will do you in a pinch so long as you're just cleaning up some lines and doing color adjustments. It works in browser, so you can translate your files and not lose any settings: https://pixlr.com/editor/

Yep, I also use Pixlr, actually. GIMP has also worked for me in the past.

Hey Richard, I know a software that's called PaperBlurt. Kinda cheap and fast and it gets the job done.

picmonkey.com is what I use for a lot of promotional stuff I make!