Facebook pages are not showing when publishing.

Mark de Valk 4 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 7

Initially publication to facebook worked but not the old (non-existent) page is showing and is grayed out. The drop down box is not working and now showing other available pages. It seems that the session does not get refreshed. Even after revoking the OnSequel app on facebook there is no change. I expected to get a facebook login page and app auth. again.


Could you please send me over screenshots of the issue you are facing with FB publishing and we'll debug further?

I found out that once a page is chosen for a bot the page can not be changed. I have created a new bot an assigned it to another page without issues. No I am seeing the same behaviour. Even after unpublishing there is no way to change the page. This could be by-design.

Hi Mark,

Yes, this is per design. Once a bot is published on FB, it isn't possible to re-publish/link this bot to another FB Page. The FB page list gets locked once it's published. If you wish to republish this bot to another FB page, you will need to duplicate this bot and then publish it to a new FB Page.


Ah ok, good to know, thanks!