New Platforms - Bot Publish

Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 7 years ago updated by Fabian Möller 6 years ago 3

Hello All,

We've now added four new platforms where you can publish your bot apart from Kik, FB Messenger and Telegram.

- Viber

- Slack

- Skype

- Twilio (SMS)

For more details on how to publish your bot on these platforms, check out our FAQ's link here.


If you have need any help or have questions, do post your query here in the Forums or email us at help@onsequel.com.



After some time the boat starts to work on Viber platform? I have created a chat-bot, published it, said the key to Viber chat. My bot does not work displays the old buttons.


You need to hit this URL in the browser in your device and type a message for the bot to start.