kik store bot marketing

Vladimir 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 4 years ago 3

I have a bot published at kik store. The bot has been featured at the category: "Lifestyle". The bot is located at the lowest position of the featured bots. I am getting approximate 10 downloads a day. From the other hand, I have a friend , who has a featured bot in the same category. His bot is located at position #5. My friend claims that he doesn't invest into marketing at all. He has 1000 downloads per day. How is this possible? Do I miss something?



Hi Vladimir,

Glad to hear your bot is featured in Kik Bot Shop:)

A bot placed in the Top 5 has more visibility/discovery and hence more downloads. However, based on the bots performance, it might be moved up or down in the Standings.

do you think that featured bot number #5 and #20 will have such difference in downloads statistics?

Yes, it does. Being at #5 is more visible in the Bot Shop when compared to #20. For #20, you will need to click on the category to see all the Top 30 bots. The Kik Bot Shop Home Page will automatically show the Top 5 bots for each category which gives more visibility to public.