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Structured conversation and NLP

Jan 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 10

How would one create a bot that is able to answer to "open" messages (NLP) at any given time, while also going "on rails" (scripted paths)? Meaning that if a user is following a scripted path (say a game), but at any point decides to switch to open discussion such as "What is your favorite color?", the bot would always be able to give a pre-written response (NLP) to those messages, no matter where the user is along the scripted path.

Is what I'm asking for clear? Is it possible to have global NLP responses that can be triggered at any point, based on what the user chooses to type (at any point along the node structure)? After providing the pre-written response to that message, the user could be then re-directed back on the "rails". Thanks!


Hi Jan,

Yes, it's clear. The use case you've mentioned can be achieved using Global NLP node type feature which is currently not available. We should have this available soon. Also, one of our Sequel Team member will get in touch with your related to this.


Thanks Praveen, looking forward to it!

I'm interestedin this too.

I see Global NLP node type but it doesn't seem to work actually.

Under review

We are experiencing technical issues with Global NLP node. Will update as soon as it's fixed.

I'm really interested in this too.


Will update once the issue is fixed.

Any update with the Global NLP? Does it work?

Not yet, sorry for the delay. Will keep you posted here.