URL with a variable which contains a space character

Vladimir 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 10

i have a URL link response which is generated from a user input variable.

(the url has a parameter as a user search query)

The user input can contain a space . I noticed that a space character is trimmed in URL calculated value. Looks like this is a but. I assume that the variable value supposed to be encoded correctly.


Hi Vladimir,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Could you please provide us with more details so that we can debug this and fix the same?

hi, sure, i can provide some more details:

1. Create user input node & assign its value into a variable "var1".

2. create url link message node like this: www.google.com?q={var1}

3. if you run the bot & end user enters a value with a space "nice house", then the URL will be generated as : "www.google.com?q=nicehouse"

however i would expect to be generated "www.google.com?q=nice%20house"


Thanks for the details. Yup, I got it. This is a bug from our end and will be fixed soon. Thank you for pointing this out.


Hi, would love to use this! Is this fixed now? :)

Yeah! Would be great! When I make after a user input something like google.com/q={var1} it is like google.com/q=just a test

But I want something like /q=just+a+test

Can u pls fix that.

Is it working now? :)

Would be awesome if it's fixed now... 😄

Will keep you posted on this.


Is there anything that you need help with?