First Looks at Sequel Author's Test App!

Michael 8 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 1

All of you who have given me your email address associated with iTunes should have been sent invites for the TestFlight app. It's quite simple to download and use. Ping me with any questions.

We don't have everyone's work available on the app just yet. Stay tuned for that. (Remember that everyone might be at a different stage of the writing process.)

You can and should continue to work on your Episodes. I think you'll see places where you'll want to tweak and fiddle with things! Need to hook the reader faster, add some longer delays, pacing too slow, too fast, conversation cadence, more images here and there, etc. Exciting!

If you do make a revision and want to see it up on the app, just let me know. (Send me an email.) I have to notify the devs to upload a new version of your story (it's not automatic just yet.)

Please use the Feedback section of the Forum to post your specific Sequel App comments and suggestions. Both good and bad. We want to hear it all!


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