Put your Sequel UI experiences here!

Michael 9 years ago updated 8 years ago 4

Love to hear your general thoughts on the Sequel app. Good/bad first user experiences and such. Also suggestions for improvements.

I think a pause button would be nice. I know closing the app stops it when the current node is complete (at least that's what I assume). But sometimes, as a user/reader, I need to pay attention to something else for a brief moment and want to be able to look away to deal with whatever needs my attention without having to close the app to make it stop.

Good thought! We are planning on stopping the flow if the user is out of the story. Meaning being on the list view would stop the flow.

Will there be a rating system or some way for users to recommend stories?

I know there's a place for the author to write a blurb, though I don't see any blurbs in the app yet. I'm assuming that's because everyone's more focused on writing the actual story rather than the blurb (I know I am), but being able to read that would help when deciding on which story(ies) to try out.

The editorial team has recommended a couple stories to me to check out to get ideas on a couple things to help with my own story, and I've enjoyed them a lot. At least one is a story that didn't appeal to me at first glance, so it seems like having some kind of place for reviews/recommendations/ratings/whathaveyou might be useful from a user perspective. Plus, users are used to having the opportunity to rate or review their entertainment. Something simple like voting or liking would work if you didn't want to incorporate a star system.

Yes. A Creator's page is upcoming! There will also be a recommendation system and social features. :-)