Coming Soon to Your Phone!

Michael 8 years ago 0

We are quickly approaching an exciting new step in the Sequel "adventure!"

For those of you who are further down the line and have completed your Episodes 1, we will soon be posting your story up on a private Sequel Author's build. This build will still be a "work-in-progress," but you'll be able to play and feel your story on your own iPhone.

In the days and weeks ahead, we'll be giving you step-by-step instructions on how to get this Author's Build. (If you're familiar with such things, we will be using TestFlight.)

What this means for you is that you'll be able to "truly experience" your story through the messaging medium. That means not only the dialogue and media, but most critically, the timings and delays.

For those of you who are more accustomed to writing traditional books, it's a unique control not only of "what" the reader reads, but the actual "when" and "how" they experience it.

I wasn't kidding when I told you that you will be "Master of Time and Space!"

You will really feel how a short delay might add to the drama of the next revealing line. You'll see how a longer delay can build tension and anticipation. You can now go in with an eye for putting in meaningful delays that add to the illusion that there really are "people" on the other end, with their own lives, texting each other and you.

Mechanically, you'll get a feel for how overly long blocks of text appear, and can be a bit difficult to read. How a relentless string of equally-timed texts of similar lengths can get tiresome, monotonous and even annoying! How it feels to be left hanging. not knowing what's happening, or what to do next.

Moreover, you can now confidently add really long (but logical) intervals (many hours of delays) to extend your story experience over time, thus expanding your total immersion period over a period of days, not just for a few hours.

We want to capture and hold your reader's attention, and have them build a relationship with your story and characters, over time, for a good long while, not just for a short one-shot session. Again, think TV series.

Having said that, EACH STORY IS UNIQUE and will need to be tuned as such.

So, please do take another quick pass through your Episode 1's with an editing eye for adding longer, logical time delays where they make sense.

- I strongly encourage you to do this first pass before we send out the Author's build (in the upcoming weeks) rather than waiting to play it first on your phone, if only because I'm not exactly sure how often we can do new releases to the build. i.e.: we won't have the ability to do an "instant" update quite yet.

As always, ping us with questions and comments!