New Bots - LIVE on KIK

Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 8 years ago updated by Swan Song 4 years ago 11

Hi All,

We've now launched two new bots on Kik.



Murder Mystery Game
This is primarily a inline version where you need at the least 4 friends in a chat group to play the bot.

BotID: murdermysterybot

Inline: @murdermysterybot (invoke this in chat group)


Player Requirement
Min players/friends - 4
Max players/friends - 8
How to play the Murder Mystery Game on Kik?
> Start a Chat Group in Kik and invite at least 4 friends and upto 8
> Invoke the bot by typing @murdermysterybot in the chat group
> At the end of game, when all players are dead with one survivor, you will find an option (ONLY) to Replay the game

> If you'd like to restart/reset the bot in the middle of a game, type @murdermysterybot resetInline

Sequel Travel

Kik BotID: yourtravels

Exotic, romantic, exciting. Adventure with Sequel Travel!

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The murder mystery game is broken.. The game won't start..


Are you playing this game in a group chat with at least 4 people in it?

Of course! I saw the bot and thought it was great and created a group chat with 6 of my closest friends!

Sorry for the delay. Could you please provide me with your Kik User ID so that we can debug the issue further?

Thank you! :3 My Kik ID is Kayla_Jung

So, when you start a group chat and type @murdermysterybot, what happens? Do you see any message? Please do send me a screenshot of what you see in this chat.

Ah, how strange.. The bots dialogue seems to have changed and I believe it is runnong properly now..


Great! Let me know if you encounter any issue in future.

the game is also broken in the chat I tried to play, the dialogue won't play through it just reads everything and does nothing


Which bot are you unable to play?

murder mystery doesn’t start