How do I create a menu?

Hy Nguyen 7 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 16

Hello, how do I create a menu like this for my bot?


Hi Nguyen,

The Menu feature is currently not available at onsequel. This is in the final stage of our development and will be rolled out to all user's soon.

Hi Praveen, When could we expect "Menu" to be available?

Hi Shane,

We are currently working on the Menu feature which will become available soon. Will keep you posted on this.

Hi, is the Menu feature available ?

The menu feature is not yet available to user's. However, I can add this in your bot. Point me to your bot link at onsequel.com and I'll add the Menu template episode.

Point me to your bot link at onsequel.com and I'll add the Menu template episode.

Where can I find the link? I would love to have the template. I have only one bot on my account called "De-IJSKoerier"

Provide me with the link of your bot at onsequel.com. Go to any one of your episode and send me over the browser URL of this.

I've added the menu template episode in your bot. Let me know if you have any questions.

I would love to see a little bit longer text and more menu items. I need around the 6 a 7 menu items to cover the system I have.

I'm afraid there is a limitation with text length from FB. What other menu items are you looking for?

I have made a workaround. With a sub menu as in player decisions. The only thing I miss is a option that I can change the way I want to order it. 
EG: If I have option A B C. Then I can not make C on the place of A. So I need to remove everything and reorder it.

I'm afraid it isn't possible to reorder the options in Menu.

Hi! I need the menu too, I provide you the link of my bot. Thanks!