Unintended Progression bc of Profanity

Hy Nguyen 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 4 years ago 5

Hi there,

When I test the bot using profanity, (My start node is geared toward a message node geared toward 2 player choices) the bot automatically goes to choice B without prompting for button.


Hi Nguyen,

I've checked 3 bots of your's at onsequel.com and looks like the progression is working fine at the player choices. Could you link us the bot URL at onsequel.com where you are facing this issue?

Hi, so it is showing the buttons. I would then type in a text input (which it doesn't expect because I didn't add NLP.) Sometimes it will say "We don't understand that..." but sometimes, depending on what text I inputed, it will go ahead and choose a choice for me.

Okay. So, if there are two buttons - For e.g. "Hello" and "Are you ready". Instead of choosing the buttons, if you type "Hi", "hey", "hello", it will match the first button "Hello" and progress. Similarly, with the other button as well. The text you input should match the user choice button text.

Ah got it, that's built in mechanism.