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How to get names of friends the user just shared with?

Jakub 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 4 years ago 7

How can I get names of friends the user just shared with?

IS there at least any way I could send Kik invite message (@friend1,@friend2) to my API?

Hi guys! Any news on this one? What I want is really just the possibility to forward whole message (in JSON format) I would got from Kik while developing bot myself with node.js, not with Sequel. Then I would simply process it on my own. Do you think that would be possible?

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You can get the user's data via input node and then store them in variables. Is this what you are looking for? What exactly is the use case?

The use case is for Kik mostly.

I have a bot, which is a simple highscore game. Without Sequel I can use friend picker functionality to work as Add Friends to see their scores on Friend's Highscores List. See "picked" field of friends-picker type of message in:


With Sequel it seems that I don't have access to this information, what for me is deal breaker.

Would it be possible to add this? Or at least give the possibility to have manual access to whole message (whole JSON or whatever) bot gets from messenger? This way I could pass it to my API and could do anything I want, even if something is not supported by Sequel yet. This way would give me much more freedom and I guess shouldn't be hard to do.

What do you think Praveen?

Hi Jakub,

Yes, this is possible via Share Node feature in Sequel.


Let me know if this helps.

Unfortunately it doesn't help. Thanks to Share Node I can send something to my friends on Kik, but still, my Bot on Sequel wouldn't know to which friends I have sent that. And this is the information I need to create dependencies of friendship in my database and so on.

Yes, with Share node you can send or share the node content to your friends in contact but not possible at the moment to whom they are sent to.