Sequel Update 1/7/16

Michael 7 years ago 0

A quick catch-up on where things are with Sequel!

Just before the Christmas/New Years holiday, we did a very limited test release in a couple of English-speaking regions: the Philippines and Australia. We only targeted a few hundred readers into the app, so it wasn't a huge, wide-spread release. Only a small handful of Channel stories were initially published with this test run.

We use this "shake-down-cruise" to find any hidden bugs, improve the business intelligence infrastructure, and get a read on the first User experience, plus observe early User reactions to the stories.

So far, so good!

It's still very early in the process. The data is slowly rolling in and the pool of users is still very small, so we're being cautiously optimistic. We're continuing to analyze, tune, and tweak things in the app.

It's really too early to make any definitive conclusions regarding the stories. When we have more data, you can look forward to a review of our findings and a revised list of best practices.

Again, thanks for being an integral part of this exciting and ground-breaking medium of "story-telling through messaging."