Player messages/decisions cut off

Austin Auclair 7 years ago updated by Omar (Admin) 7 years ago 5

Finding that printing preset player messages and decisions have a 20 character limit and get cut off. So restrictive that it seems broken.


Image 293


Hi Austin,

Yes, player messages and decisions with char text length greater than 20 will be cut off. This is a limitation from FB end. If you'd like to show the entire message, we'll have to change the way the messages appear in your bot. Let us know if you'd like to change this in your bot.

Ah, bummer. No worries, I edited the text to be below 20 characters in each instance. Not ideal but it's not worth changing overall. Thank you!

Also, please keep in mind that *Juliet* is showing up in your bot because you have multiple characters used and FB does not allow us to manipulate the profile image otherwise.

The only other character I use is the "system" character at the end to declare business-type stuff. Are you saying that if I remove that character the profile photo will be used instead of "*Juliet*"

That's right...if you remove all characters from your bot so there is only one, the *Juliet* will be removed as your bot has only one voice at that point.