How to ask about user's name?

pppiotrmalek@gmail com 8 years ago updated by Michael 8 years ago 2


I was wondering what would be the easiest way to ask user "what's your name" and then use the answer in the following sequences to make it more personalized? It seems like a very basic functionality but I can't seem to figure out how to do that.


Simply add a new input node and set a variable for the user's answer (pop settings).
You can use it in message popup by using {myvariable}.


Yes. It's quite simple. In the example below, I used an INPUT Node. (Create a new INPUT Node from the Advanced Node Menu screen. Click on the (+) under a node, and then click on the (...) "more" icon.)

1. Select who's talking

2. Type in your question

3. Create (select) a Variable Label. In this case, I typed in "test."

4. In the following Message Node, i typed in:

Hello there, {test}

Note: When you type in the first curly bracket {, it will bring up your list of Variable labels. Select from your list. OR just type in {<label label>}, in this example case {test}