New episode not updated on bot

Austin Auclair 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

I published an episode for my bot but changes I made to that episode later wouldn't update in the bot no matter how many times I saved/published them. In an attempt to get around that problem I then unpublished that episode and publish a new episode. Now, the bot doesn't work at all. I click publish but that new episode is still marked as unpublished and the bot has the label of "Pending Channel Update". Am I missing something? Any ideas on how to proceed? Thank you.

Hej, I am having the same problem. Publishing/Update won't work as it says Pending Channel Update.  Think it's due to some technical issues.  : / Hope that's going to be fixed ASAP.

I am also experiencing problems with my bot not working.

For anyone watching this thread, things seem to be back up. Likely from all the security changes Facebook is making.