BIG PROBLEM with all your BOTS and nobody answers!!

elisabetta macaione 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 10

I wrote you more than a month ago with a great issue, to which you responded that you fixed it but the bot still did not work (ticket ID 302)

Then I wrote you again and again both on the forum and on Facebook, getting absolutely NO answer!!

Today I've tried to unpublish the bot because it still did not work but it looks impossible and the system tells me to write to your contact team.

The same issue presents itself when I tried ti publish another bot but nothing works!!

Can you please solve it?

This is the main issue with my bot anyway:

I'd built a bot and programmed it to send, through the re-engage node, specific info to some people, based on the variable assigned to them (with the if/then node)

The problem was the bot did not send any message to anyone after first interaction...


We are sorry for the delay in resolving your issue. Our technical team is looking into this issue and will update at the earliest.

I hope you can solve the problem ASAP it's been more than a month and for over 4 weeks I got no answer!

They are ignoring my ticket too! They won't let me unpublish the bot from my page. What a scam

Yes I haven't been able to get any answer for more than 4 weeks!

Kathleen - We are looking into your issue and revert back at the earliest.

Still nothing, have you forgotten of me again???

Almost 2 months and my bot is useless due to your lack of competence in solving a technical issue...can you plaese do somethinG????