Understanding Live Agent Takeover

Hartley Brody 2 years ago updated by Christopher Fischbach 2 years ago 2


I'm currently evaluating several chat bot backends for a new project and OnSequel is one of the top contenders. I've played around with build a bot on your platform and it has been great, but I can't seem to find whether you support live agent takeover or not. 

There was a related discussion a few weeks ago, but I'm not quite sure if that's what I'm looking for. Essentially, I'm hoping that a human can watch live chats with the bot unfolding in real time. If a user seems confused or frustrated, the human operator has the option to "pause" the bot and talk with the user within the same message window (from the user's end) to resolve their issue. Even better would be a way for the bot to signal that a human needs to step in (say, a user's responses indicate frustration, and an email is sent to an admin to jump in and help).

From the previous discussion (linked above) you mentioned that there was a "menu option" mentioned, but I'm not really sure what this refers to or if it supports my use case.




I'm afraid the Live chat feature in the bot isn't available in our platform. We provide chat feature where user's who are playing the bot can chat with each other.

I came here for the exact same question. OnSequel is my favourited tool and I'd love to use it. But not having the ability to take over a chat and pause the bot for that discussion is a total killer in my case. I can't use OnSequel at all if it's not possible :( 

I mean, what happens if a route ends - if there is interaction in chat, how will the bot react to it? In that case there could be an trigger somewhere to alert a user to step in right before that end.