Sequel's bot analytics doesn't update

Leo 6 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 6 years ago 8

Hey! I have one bot (CryptoAzbuka) that is published to Telegram and FB Messenger.

We've launched our promotion on Friday (the 16th) and at the beginning it showed us that we have 11 active users. Today is Monday (the 19th) and this number hasn't changed, though we're sure that we got some new users (we have UTM links inside a bot).

Could you check it please?

Thanks a lot!


Leo - We are experiencing technical diffuclties in updating the reports. Our engineers are looking into this to get it fixed.

Thanks! Waiting for this.

Will keep you posted once it;s fixed.

hello have the same problem. reports are not updating

We have same problem!

Let us know your issue and we'll help you out.

Hi, on every bot I created and I am using there are no datas for report. Thanks

we'll update you once the issue with Reports is fixed.