Can a bot be published on web and accessed through a URL / or a widget ?

Sean Singh 12 months ago • updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 11 months ago 3


I have 3 questions - 

1.  Can a bot created on Sequel be published on the web (Apart from on FB messenger, kik, viber, etc) and be accessed through a URL or a widget ?

2.  Do you have / plan to have any kind of paid / premium account which will allow the bots to be white-listed (remove branding, if any) when published on the web ?

3.  Any plans to include being able to receive location from the user and a date-time picker ?




1) I'm sorry, a bot created in Sequel can't be integrated to website

2) Our platform is totally free and you can create as many bots you wish to. We are not planning to introduce premium account anytime soon. The branding also will not be white listed in a bot for now.

3) Location feature is not yet implemented in our platform and should become available in future.

Is it mean that if I use your bot, it icnlude links to your site and write that is powered by onsquel?

I really went to use it for great ideas, but it's require to be white labled (only include my brand). any chance for somting like that soon?

I'm sorry, the branding of Sequel can't be removed.