App Development Cost for Food Delivery Platform like UberEats

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With the succession of time, there have been many services that have been making our life easier. One such service is Uber which gets you a personalised cab every time you open the application with the intention. Although, after the online cab booking service was a massive hit globally, they came up with another application known as UberEats.

UberEats gets you your favourite food at your home from your favourite restaurant. The application lets you sit on your couch and order food. You can select the food from various restaurants along with the prices in the menu. Before ordering you also get an estimated price of money that you have to pay for your order. It is a great application and just like its predecessor this one tops the list in its industry. Although, if you are thinking to start service just like UberEats then I must tell that there are various factors that add to its app development cost. First of all the application is divided into two phases: UbersEats app and UberEats delivery partner app. Therefore, let’s see what are the factors that might aggregate the app development cost of a similar platform as UberEats.

SignUp or Registration

SignUp is the part where the application will be authenticating the User. In UberEats, it is done using Mobile Number verification. Once, you enter your mobile number into the system an OTP will be generated using which you can authenticate yourself. After that, you can link any of your Email ID with your Ubereats account along with a password.


During the time of Login, you will have to enter using your email ID and the password to access your account. Your account will keep all the information regarding your previous orders. Also, the offers that you have availed and the promotions that you are currently using.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX of the application is something of its own, the application is so easily navigable once you enter inside. You can easily search for restaurants based on your favourite cuisine or if you have any particular restaurant in mind. The application also allows you to only select restaurants that have your favourite promotion running.

GPS Navigation

Since UberEats is a home delivery application, therefore, it is essential to have a GPS System. Initially, the GPS is used to get your actual location. Although, in the later part the navigation allows the UberEats Delivery partner to find your place easily.

Payment Gateway

The payment Gateway allows you to make your payment via different payment methods. You can either pay using your credit/debit card. Also, it is possible entirely for you to make payment using another online wallet. The UberEats payment gateway has almost every method that you can think of paying.

UberEats Delivery Partner App

The UberEats Partner App is a lot similar and different. This application will allow the partner to first accept the order. Now, the application will set the delivery part to the route of the restaurant then to you. The UberEats app also has a review based system where you can rate the service as well as the delivery. The partner will be almost identical except for some major difference in terms of functionality.

App Development Cost of UberEats

If you are thinking of getting an application made only for the stores then a hybrid system might cost you around $30K. Although, if you are thinking of getting a similar web-based application then consider the cost of application up to $50K. But the question is whether or not you are thinking of getting a native app built or not. If that is the case then the application for all the application will go up to $200K.

So this was all about the app development cost of an application that might be similar to UberEats. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. In case if you wish to read similar articles such as this then click on the link here. Also, thank you for reading the article until the end.