Will users pay for games or episodes?

Mark Marino and Rob Wittig 5 years ago updated by Сара Силочова 2 months ago 5

Will games or first episodes of games be free on Sequel?

I'm asking because I'd like to submit our game to an art show but want to make sure the gallery can access it for free.

Yup. We'll be doing some testing during this month, and if the stars align, we're thinking January-ish to go live.

I guess my question is more about the selling structure:

will they pay for Sequel? Pay for games? Pay for episodes (with maybe the first ones being free?) Again, just thinking of promoting Sequel and the channels once they're out there.

Under review

Yep, the app is free for anyone to download and access. Eventually we'll definitely want to think through opportunities like premium episodes, paid stories, etc. but there aren't imminent plans right now.

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