How to solve HDCP errors?

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 I'm facing a problem related to my roku device. I just want to solve HDCP errors. But i don't know how to solve HDCP Errors. I f anyone can have better suggestion for me so please suggest me. Thank You


Go through the following steps to solve HDCP errors: 

1. Take out HDMI cable from Roku player as well as your TV. 

2. Turn off both, Roku and TV followed by taking out the power cord for 30 seconds. 

3. Now, one end of the HDMI cable into Roku player and another end into the TV. Check if the cable has been inserted in a right way. 

4. Connect your TV and Roku to the power supply, and once they are connected, turn on the power.

 5. Now, play a video from one of the channels that are installed on your Roku device. If it is displayed on the TV, then it means, Roku is working fine.

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Hello Guys, 

Thanks for giving valuable solution. All giving solution are working good and my problem is solve out. 

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