how do I change my Apple ID on my Iphone 6

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We are living in a era which is going through a massive technology changes. Revolution in the field of mobile, data and IT industry is helping us towards the  new realities and changing circumstances.

But the role of certain institution as well as organization in bringing to a new level of technological revolution in the IT industry cannot be ignored. One such big name of the organization is Apple. Applecare phone number will provides you the best customer experience in case if you face any problem.

Apple is one of the major brand which has brought massive revolution in the field of technology through their various product whether its Mac, Iphone, computer and watches.  Each of these apple product has became a massive disruptor in the field and redefine the way technology is indeed useful in creating a better opportunity and service. The great USP of their product is mainly its own cool features and services which is never found on other products like Icloud, Itunes and Apple Mail.  In order to have and access to these services, User needs to create and account on the Apple i.e Apple Id in order to access those services.

How do I change my Apple ID on my Iphone 6. :

  • First of all, User needs to open the Iphone and go to appleid.apple.com

  • Then make sure to click on the sign in button.

  • Afterwards make sure to check the Account sections.

  • Further click on the Edit tab.

  • Now, under the Apple Id, make sure to click on the change Apple Id.

  • Again, you will be provided with a list of emails in order to choose the Apple ID.

  • Select the email address you are associated with.

  • Now futher check the reachable at the Account section of the Appleid.apple.com/

  • Make sure to select one Apple Id and change apple ID to and @icloud.com @me.com and @mac.com and then continue.

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