How to unlock gmail account

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With too many unsuccessful attempts to login to Gmail account. It happens to block it. As there can be multiple reasons like account may be hacked or attacked, problem in successfully login mail using their email client. Hence to troubleshoot the problem, Google gives Captcha to verify whether the account is used by a Robert or human. So once it is verified Google from 3-5 days to send user name/password information to a recovery email address. So in this tutorial here we are proving complete steps for How to unlock Gmail account without password-. 

·    At first go to any of the Internet browser to the Gmail
·    After that click need Help? 
·    Then choose the appropriate option.
·    At this point first of all enter the Google username or Gmail address then click Continue.
·    After that put the characters given on the screen then accordingly click Continue.
·    Then answer to the security question then click Continue.

Ø    In case if you don’t remember your security answer 
·    First of all click Get a password reset link at my recovery email.
·    Next click on Continue.
Ø    If in case the security question was answered: 
·    At this point enter a new password.
·    Then accordingly Re-enter the new password.
·    And finally click Reset password.
If in case you have any Other Problems while Signing In then for that follow the steps given below-
o    At first put the Google username or Gmail address then after click Continue.
o    In next process enter the characters given on the screen after wards click Continue.
At last choose the correct and appropriate issue among the following like-
o    I forgot my password
o    I forgot my username
o    I know my username and password, but can't sign in
o    I can't reset my password via SMS
o    I use a Google Apps account
o    I'm having trouble with 2-step verification
o    I think someone else is using my account
After selecting any of the points follow the on screen procedure to complete the unblocking process.