How can you recover your Gmail password?

nick jones 5 months ago 0

Can’t sign in Gmail? Go to Gmail’s account recovery page if you are unable to make your account sign in. Maybe your account is under unauthentic access. The account recovery page will insist you to answer some questions. You can use this page if someone has deleted your account or changed any of your account information. We request you to answer the questions as best you can.


Answers to your security questions


Take your best guess if you don’t remember the exact answer to the asked question. Please refer a different answer if the given answer is not taken. If ‘Michael Jackson’ is not taken, you may try ‘MJ’ or ‘McJc’ if you want to know the answers to the question how can you recover your Gmail password.


When was the account created?


We will tell you some ways if you can’t remember the day and month of your Google Account creation. Search for a welcome message in your Gmail account. If it is not found, check for the verification email on that you used during its creation. You can also ask your friends and family when they first got an email from your account. If none of your contacts can give you the right answer, think about related events or purchases.


Enter an email


Enter it if you are asked to enter the email address you have added to your account. It could be the recovery email address, alternate email address (you can use while making your account sign in), or contact email address (where you get information about the Google services you use most).


Login Passwords


In the way to get the answer to the question how can you recover your Gmail password, you might be asked to enter your last login password which you have remembered. We urge you to enter the most recent one you can remember. No problem if you don't remember your previous three passwords. Even you are open to going for the best guesses if you can't confidently recall any of your previous passwords.