Telegram group admin bot

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Telegram Admin Bot

Welcome to Baymax, Group healthcare companion bot.

This is the most powerful group protector bot with the most features.

This bot has the ability to understand your sentences in the group, and you don't need to memorise so many commands to set it up.

In order to add me into your group, you only need to tap on this link and then choose your group.
 Please make sure to give me admin rights so I can work properly

The List of all robot Commands and features:
Of course, instead of memorizing the commands, you can use ordinary sentences
Just be sure to put a '!' at the beginning of your sentence.
!lock the link
!unlock the link

Or use the following commands:
(Command have a '!' at their beginning)

For web settings:

To set the rules inside the group:

To manually kick the user:
Reply to the user's message and type the phrase !kick
!kick 2
(The user can not return to the group for 2 hours)

To silence the user:
Reply to the user's message and type the phrase!Silent
You can also set the clock as above for this command.

To manually delete a message:
Reply to the message and type the phrase

(Reply to their message)

!Warnings {number of alerts}
(To determine how many alerts each user can receive in  days)
!Warnings 10

(To reset a particular user's warnings, reply to his message)

!Cleanup {number of hours}
!Cleanup 2
(Removes past 2 hours messages)

To ban certain items:
!Lock picture

You can set a specific time for this rule.
!lock picture 10-12
(The image lock will only work from 10 to 12 hours. Images will not be deleted in other times)

To free things you have forbidden:
!unlock/release {item}
!unlock Image

List of all that can be locked and released:
(Any of these can be placed after the "!Lock" Or "!unlock" commands)
bot (to kick robots that join the group)
botadder (to kick the bot inviter)
Admins (managers Infringements will also be considered if administrators are locked)
Phone (to delete a phone number)
Duplicate/identical (to remove duplicate messages)
notification (to delete join/leave notifications)
autowarning (for each rule violation, it records a warning and after the number you have set, the user will be silent for 12 hours.)

Other commands:
!enable silent 20-24
(Sets the auto-silent time for 20 to 24 o'clock)
!disable silent
(Disables the auto-silent time)

!lock temporary
(Activates the temporary silencing in the group – all messages will be deleted)
!unlock temporary
(Deactivates the temporary silencing in the group – messages will not be deleted)

!enable welcome
(Activates welcome message when a user joins)
!disable welcome

!enable rules
(Enables sending rules when a user joins.)
!Disable rules

!enable admonition
(Reminds user violations)
!Disable admonition

!least {desired number}
(Deletes messages that have less than this number of words)
!least 5

!flood {number of messages in a period of time}
(If a user sends more messages than this number in that period of time, the message will be deleted)
!flood 10

!in 5 minutes
To set the priod for counting flooding messages

!forcedadd {Desired number}
(Users are not allowed to speak unless they invite this number of users).
!forcedadd 20

To exempt someone from the forcedadd:
Reply on their message and
!disable forcedadd

To activate forcedadd for the exempted user:
Reply on their message and
!enable forcedadd

To exempt all previous members of the group from the forcedadd:
!Disable forcedadd all

To reactivate forcedadd for all of the members
!enable forcedadd all

!Channel {Channel ID for Forcedjoin}
(Users are not allowed to post messages until they are subscribed to these channels).
!Channel @mobserbotnews
to deactivate:
!disable channel

Exclude someone from forcedjoin:
Reply on their message and
!disable channel

Re-enforce the user to Join channel:
Reply on their message and
!enable channel

(To charge the robot)

(To view the expiry date of the bot in the group)

!filter {word}
!filter satellite
To filter insulting words, You do not need to enter all the words, you easily can use the command !lock insult

!unfilter {word}
!unfilter satellite

(To enter the settings)