BUG : API Response Objects as image variable not working

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To reproduce:

Collect user input as user.image = OK

Use API node to Call ext. service to transform user.image = OK

Store NEW IMAGE VARIABLE from received API results (JSON parsing) = OK

Try to use this NEW IMAGE VARIABLE in text box or carousel

Observed result:

NEW IMAGE VARIABLE can't be displayed in chat

NEW IMAGE VARIABLE can't be displayed in carousel


Must be able to use an API answer as image variable in chat and in carousel.


It's months this bug blocks my bot to go live and I have no time line about resolution or indication about workaround. Thanks for helping.

Seems you add '\' character in url everytime you encounter a '/'.

Eg. "https:\/\/www.google.com

So your editor cannot interpret. It should be a quick fix if it's the case. Please update.

@OnSequelTeam can you check if this is the bug and keep us posted on fix? thanks